Subject:   Failed news reports hurt us

被采访人群体写给纽约时报的信     2019年4月16日发给纽约时报


Subject:   Failed news reports hurt us



On April 1, 2019 the article “Chinese Dissidents Feel Heat of Beijing’s Wrath Even in Canada” by Catherine Porter was published in New York Times. This is a harmful article which supports lies and tries to suppress, by innuendo and misleading inference, criticisms and the right to freely question legitimate concerns.


Catherine Porter fictionalized a victim of a “smear campaign”, initiated by the CCP, but did not point out how the CCP implemented the persecution of Sheng xue. The article did not offer any proof of this claim. It just named of several of us, suggesting that our reasonable criticism of Sheng Xue was somehow connected to the CCP and this accusation has damaged the reputation of those named.


From the article, we can see:


  1. As a reporter, Ms. Porter lacks discernment because she is unable to recognize those who lie from those telling that truth.


  1. She ignores evidence that is contrary to Sheng Xue’s allegations. Therefore her reporting is biased, based on her prior agenda.


  1. She doesn’t understand the strategies and influence of the CCP. She has fallen into the very trap that she mistakenly thought she was exposing. In short, she has been had.


  1. Ms. Porter made wrong connections between the CCP and those who questioned and criticized Sheng Xue. The result was harm done to these innocent people who raised legitimate questions. Their reputations already injured by the lies of Sheng Xue, were further harmed by Ms. Porter’s biased reporting and twisting of the truth.


  1. Ms. Porter failed to address the connection between Sheng Xue and the CCP, and her involvement, which has caused turmoil in overseas Chinese democracy movement.


The signatories of this letter have all been interviewed by Ms. Porter and all have had their statements twisted or ignored.


Finally, we would request a rebuttal article be printed in your paper giving your readers the opportunity to be informed of facts regarding this issue so readers can make their opinions based on fact and not from one-sided information.


April 16, 2019